Pakistan Railway Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisement Application Form

Are you looking for a rewarding career in the field of railway infrastructure and engineering? Pakistan Railway Advisory and Consultancy Services (PRACS) has announced a range of exciting job openings that could be your ticket to a promising future. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential details about these vacancies, including the positions available, qualifications required, and how to apply. PRACS is committed to enhancing the railway industry in Pakistan, and you could be a part of this transformative journey.

Job Openings at PRACS

PRACS, located in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, has recently advertised multiple job openings in various engineering and consultancy departments. These positions are essential for the continued growth and development of Pakistan’s railway infrastructure. Here is a list of the available vacancies:

  1. Railway Infrastructure Inspector
  2. Railway Bridge Engineer
  3. Railway Signal Telecom Engineer
  4. Civil Engineer
  5. Railway Mechanical Engineer
  6. Railway Bridge Inspector
  7. Mechanical Engineer
  8. Railway Signaling Telecom Inspector
  9. Consultant
  10. Railway Track Inspector
  11. Railway Rolling Stock Expert
  12. Railway Track Engineer
  13. Track Infrastructure Expert

Educational Qualifications

The educational qualifications required for these positions vary, ensuring opportunities for candidates with diverse backgrounds and expertise. PRACS is looking for individuals with the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.E)
  • Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE)
  • Master’s Degree
Application Deadline

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for these prestigious government jobs in engineering and consultancy at PRACS before the closing date. The application deadline is set for around October 20, 2023, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

How to Apply

To apply for these exciting job opportunities, we recommend that you read the complete advertisement online or refer to the newspaper advertisement for detailed instructions on the application process. Ensure that you submit all required documents and information within the specified timeframe to be considered for these positions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. What is PRACS?PRACS stands for Pakistan Railway Advisory and Consultancy Services. It is an organization dedicated to improving and maintaining railway infrastructure in Pakistan through advisory and consultancy services.
  2. How can I find the newspaper advertisement for these job openings?You can find the newspaper advertisement for these job openings in the daily Dunya Newspaper, typically published around October 3, 2023.
  3. Are these government jobs?Yes, these job openings at PRACS are government positions, offering competitive salaries and benefits.
  4. Can candidates with different educational backgrounds apply?Yes, PRACS welcomes candidates with diverse educational backgrounds, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and DAE qualifications, depending on the specific job requirements.
  5. Where is PRACS located?PRACS is located in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

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Pakistan Railway Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisement Application Form

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