How To Check LESCO Bill ?

Check lesco bill from here. LESCO is a company that supplies the electricity to the different districts of Pakistan. Lesco is the abbreviation of Lahore Electric Supply Company. Lesco supplies the electricity to Lahore, Sheikhupura and Okara districts. The main headquarter of LESCO is in Lahore. The company originated in 1982. There is approximately more than hundred divisions and sub-divisions in which LESCO is giving the electricity.

How to check LESCO bill ?

The customer can check their online LESCO bill on the website portal named.There are a number of procedures by which the customer can check their electricity bills provided by the LESCO.  In order to check the customer electricity bill the customer need to find out a reference number that is provided by the company or it can also be a customer ID in order to check the bill. On the top left side corner of the LESCO electricity bill there is Meter Reading Box, on this top left side there are total three boxes, in one box there is a reference number provided by the company and the box provided the customer ID of the customer. The customer can use any of the option either the reference number or the customer ID to check their online bill.

Checking Bill through Reference ID:

There is a 12 digit number which also includes a link on the customer’s LESCO bill as it mentioned earlier

The customer has to enter the 12 digit number exactly the same on the given form online and after enter the number the customer then press the “View bill” option. There the customer can check their electricity bill online and also there is an option of “Download”. There the customer can download their LESCO electricity bills.

Checking Bill through the Customer ID:

The customer can also check their electricity bill through the customer ID option. The Lahore Electric Supply Company provided its customers with the facility of another option by which they can get a duplicate copy of their bill. For the facility of the LESCO customers the customers go the official website of the LESCO there is an option by which the customers can get the duplicate copy of their bills by inserting their customer ID to the website.

Checking the Bill by the Meter Number:

The customers can also check their electricity bills by the meter number option that is provided by the LESCO. There is a meter number option that is present on the top of the customer’s electricity bill but the LESCO and the WAPDA has not provided their customers with the facility to check their bills via meter number so, basically there is only two options for the customers to check their bill its either by the reference number and either by the customer ID number provided by the Lahore Electric Supply Company to their customers.

LESCO bill online payment:

The LESCO provide its customers with the facility to pay the electricity bill with the number of options such as:

  • Jazz Cash APP
  • Government banks
  • All Post offices
  • Easy Paisa APP
  • Omni Sahulat Shops
  • Nadra-E- Sahulat
  • Banking Online Portals/APPs


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