Govt Jobs Today Matric Base At Heavy Industries Taxila

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Are you ready to step into a challenging yet rewarding career? Heavy Industries Taxila is opening its doors to dynamic individuals with a passion for excellence. With a range of vacant positions, including roles like Data Entry Operator (DEO), Quality Assurance Engineer, Documentation Manager, Electronic Engineer, Hydraulic Engineer, Machinist, System Engineer, Integrated Logistic Support Manager, Software Engineer, Configuration Manager, Design Engineer, and Gun Fitter, we invite qualified candidates to apply and become a part of our esteemed organization.

Opportunities Await:

  1. Data Entry Operator (DEO):
    • Manage and input crucial data with precision and efficiency.
    • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of information.
  2. Quality Assurance Engineer:
    • Implement and maintain quality standards.
    • Conduct inspections and audits to guarantee compliance.
  3. Documentation Manager:
    • Oversee the organization and maintenance of documents.
    • Ensure documentation accuracy and accessibility.
  4. Electronic Engineer:
    • Design, develop, and test electronic systems.
    • Troubleshoot and repair electronic components.
  5. Hydraulic Engineer:
    • Plan and oversee hydraulic systems.
    • Conduct regular maintenance and troubleshoot issues.
  6. Machinist:
    • Operate and maintain various machining tools.
    • Produce precision parts according to specifications.
  7. System Engineer:
    • Design and implement computer systems.
    • Ensure the functionality and efficiency of IT infrastructure.
  8. Integrated Logistic Support Manager:
    • Develop and manage logistics plans.
    • Coordinate support services for effective operations.
  9. Software Engineer:
    • Design, code, test, and debug software applications.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams for project success.
  10. Configuration Manager:
    • Manage and control changes to configurations.
    • Ensure the integrity and consistency of product configurations.
  11. Design Engineer:
    • Develop and enhance product designs.
    • Collaborate with engineering teams for innovative solutions.
  12. Gun Fitter:
    • Assemble and fit gun components.
    • Ensure the accuracy and reliability of firearms.


  • Intermediate, Bachelor, and B.E. degree holders are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline:

Apply on or before the closing date mentioned in the newspaper ad or visit our website for updates.

How to Apply: Read the complete advertisement online to understand the application process. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a successful application.

  1. How can I apply for a position at Heavy Industries Taxila?
    • Visit our website or refer to the newspaper ad for detailed application instructions.
  2. What is the educational requirement for these positions?
    • Intermediate, Bachelor, and B.E. degree holders are eligible to apply, depending on the specific position.
  3. When is the application deadline?
    • The deadline is as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper ad or until further notice.
  4. Can I apply for multiple positions?
    • Yes, you can apply for multiple positions if you meet the qualifications for each.
  5. Is there an age limit for applying?
    • Check the specific requirements for each position in the advertisement.

Govt Jobs Today Matric Base At Heavy Industries Taxila

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