Govt Jobs Quetta Today 2023 At Army Fixed Signal Company

In a bid to strengthen its ranks and continue serving the nation with unwavering dedication, the Pakistan Army Fixed Signal Company has opened its doors to aspiring candidates. This notable opportunity was recently advertised in the Daily Express dated 17th September 2023, and it beckons individuals to join the ranks of this prestigious organization. The available positions, which include roles such as sanitary workers, offer a chance for individuals to contribute to the nation’s security while securing stable employment. This article explores the details of these job vacancies, the necessary qualifications, and how prospective candidates can apply.

Job Openings and Qualifications

  1. Sanitary WorkerThe Pakistan Army Fixed Signal Company is seeking individuals for the position of a sanitary worker. While this role may not require extensive academic qualifications, it plays a crucial part in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the workplace. As a sanitary worker, your responsibilities will include keeping the premises clean, disposing of waste responsibly, and ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all personnel.Educational Qualifications Required: Middle and Matric, or equivalent qualifications.This vacancy provides an excellent opportunity for those who may not have advanced academic credentials but are committed to serving their country in a meaningful way.

Application Deadline

Interested candidates should take note of the application deadline. The Pakistan Army Fixed Signal Company has set the closing date for applications on 2nd October 2023. It’s essential to adhere to this deadline to ensure your application is considered.

How to Apply

To apply for these coveted positions, prospective candidates are advised to carefully follow the instructions outlined in the official advertisement, which can be found in the Daily Express newspaper dated 17th September 2023. The application process may involve specific forms, documentation, and instructions to ensure a smooth and efficient application submission.

For a comprehensive guide on how to apply, interested individuals can visit the official ARMY website, where detailed information about the application process for the latest Pakistan Army Fixed Signal Company job opportunities will be available. Following these guidelines meticulously will increase your chances of success in this recruitment drive.


  1. Who is eligible to apply for these positions in the Pakistan Army Fixed Signal Company?These positions are open to candidates who meet the educational qualifications specified in the advertisement. For the sanitary worker role, candidates with Middle and Matric qualifications, or their equivalents, are eligible to apply.
  2. When is the application deadline for these job vacancies?The closing date for applications is 2nd October 2023. It is crucial to submit your application before this deadline to be considered for these positions.
  3. Where can I find the official advertisement for these job vacancies?The official advertisement was published in the Daily Express newspaper dated 17th September 2023. You can access the full details of the job vacancies, including application instructions, in this advertisement.
  4. Is there an online resource for guidance on how to apply for these positions?Yes, for detailed guidance on the application process, prospective candidates can visit the official ARMY website. This website will provide comprehensive information to help you successfully navigate the application process.
  5. Are there any specific forms or documentation required for the application?The specific forms and documentation required for the application will be outlined in the official advertisement. It is essential to review the advertisement carefully and follow the instructions provided to ensure a complete and accurate submission.
  6. What are the responsibilities of a sanitary worker in the Pakistan Army Fixed Signal Company?The primary responsibilities of a sanitary worker include maintaining cleanliness and hygiene within the workplace, responsible waste disposal, and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all personnel. While the role may not require advanced academic qualifications, it is vital to perform these duties diligently and responsibly.

In conclusion, the Pakistan Army Fixed Signal Company’s job vacancies offer an opportunity to serve the nation and contribute to the country’s security. The organization welcomes individuals who meet the specified qualifications to apply before the closing date on 2nd October 2023. By following the application guidelines and maintaining a commitment to excellence, aspiring candidates can take a significant step toward a fulfilling and honorable career.

Govt Jobs Quetta Today 2023 At Army Fixed Signal Company

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